April 20, 2020

Payrolling Pays Off

Molly Weiss

We are so inspired by Colorado companies, ever-adapting to the ever-changing environment we've been thrust into. We've heard many of your stories; we applaud your ingenuity,courage and continuous efforts to keep Coloradans employed. It's our passion too. Companies are up against budget constraints, hiring freezes or layoffs yet there is still work to be done.

We have a solution: payrolling the people who are essential to moving your business forward.

What are Payrolling Services?
Payrolling is a service where you partner with a company like J2T, and we administer the payroll burden for an employee or contractor you've identified on your own. This is at a greatly reduced fee compared to traditional recruiting services. For example, if the employee is targeting a pay rate of $27/hr, the target bill rate is approximately $40/hr. This means for roughly $13/hr you get a bounty of benefits including:

  • keeping someone employed
  • offering them quick access to healthcare benefits
  • direct deposit of paychecks
  • background checks
  • assessment testing for job-relevant skills
  • eliminating the administrative burden of payroll taxes and unemployment insurance
  • and many more benefits we would love to tell you about!

When would you use this service?

  • Any office job: from clerical all the way to C-Suite
  • Hiring freeze: If you are in a hiring freeze but have identified a candidate that you deem essential to current operations, you could use payrolling as a way for them to join your team without adding them to your payroll. 
  • Avoid layoffs or furloughing great/essential employees: Don’t want to lose your employees, use payrolling to get them off your payroll, but keep them employed and working with your team. 
  • Project-based work: If you’ve already identified someone you’d like to contract for a couple of months, but are unable to add them to your payroll, let us hire them.

How it works?
Identify the candidate or current employee you would like to put on the payroll service. Call a member of the J2T Team (located on the ‘Meet the Teams’ section of our website) and let them know you are interested in this service. They will walk you through the benefits the employee will be eligible for as well as the cost. Our contractors and payrolled employees have access to healthcare benefits in as little as 30 days. This is a rarity by most payroll service standards. The onboarding process is virtual and incredibly efficient!

We are here for you and will find the win-win-win to keep Colorado employed!