October 27, 2020

Visibility for Online Networking

Cody Broussard

With your resume polished and ready to go, and a better understanding of how to read between the lines on jobs postings so that you are using your time wisely when it comes to online ads, you also want to make sure you are considering your personal brand and visibility for online networking. In the age of social media your online presence can be excellent leverage in finding a new role, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

For those of us who have had Facebook since the days that you needed a college email address to start an account, your content is probably mostly family photos and hiking panoramas at this point, but it is worth looking over your feed and making sure what you post is neutral. Even what you may think is a funny meme, could be off-putting to a hiring manager. When in doubt, just make your profile private. Hiring managers will check out your profile, so keep in mind that anything visible should be something you feel comfortable sharing with a potential employer.

LinkedIn is a different platform with a different approach. While on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you probably want to keep content neutral, on LinkedIn, the more someone can see about your promotions, special projects, interests or accomplishments, the better.

·       First and foremost, you should have your LinkedIn profile up to date and you want to not list a job description, but contextual examples of success: not just that you process invoices, but the number of invoices you process in a week; not just that you know how to use Netsuite, but that you led an implementation of the software and helped train your team on how to use it. Use the “real estate” of each bullet point on LinkedIn to really tell your story.

·       Make sure to like and follow some of the professional organizations relevant to your career.

·       You can follow hashtags like #denverjobs or#denveraccountingjobs and should absolutely follow companies you are interested in and people who work there.

·       Your photo on LinkedIn should only be you, rather than a group photo, and generally its best for it to be a “headshot” or look like one, where the photo is from the shoulders up with a plain or solid background.

Networking events can be great to consider, but if you know that walking up to someone and striking a conversation is not your strong suit, it could be smart to bring a friend or colleague who is in your field. It’s easier to approach a crowd when you have one person there that you already know. Bring your cards, network and be ready to make some connections. Ask friends in your field about which networking events they attend, because they are not all created equal. Some events are centered around socializing and blowing off steam, while others are truly about connecting and career development. J2T hosts regular networking events and we have seen relationships and connections start at these events that blossom into mentor ships and job offers. Reach out to anyone on our team if you would like to hear more about these events.

With your social media presence ready to go, the next step in your search is to identify a recruiter who will work as a trusted partner in your search. Our next blog will walk you through that process!