Strategic Partners

Lew's List is a job board platform for Accounting and Finance professionals in Colorado. Lew Visscher, the founder and owner of Lew's List, maintains the list of over 11,000 subscribers and emails out job opportunities to members of the list on behalf of companies and recruitment agencies looking for talented and qualified Finance and Accounting professionals.

Lew's List and J2T Financial Recruiting have been partners for nearly 10 years and we work together to help each other support the Finance and Accounting community from a candidate and employer perspective. Market awareness and intelligence, compensation surveys, Lew's List & other Networking events, sponsorships, referrals, administration of Lew's List postings, and offering discounts to Lew's List posters are all ways Lew's List
and J2T Financial Recruiting partner together to achieve this.

We have found great success in leveraging each other's network, knowledge and counsel.  Lew considers
J2T Financial Recruiting his family.  We welcome Lew with open arms to all our company events and value the knowledge he brings to our team. To learn more about Lew's List or to subscribe for Accounting and Finance postings please visit Lew's List.