Lew Visscher

Founder and President

Lew’s List

Previous CFO of Cataylst Repository Systems

“I would recommend J2T- Recruiting for almost any search in the finance and accounting arena because a) they are specialists in this area b) they work harder than anyone I know and c) they are committed and dedicated in both helping clients find the quality people they expect and helping candidates find the right culture and fit.  

They own the process from start to finish and will not disappoint on either side.  Match making is a bit of an art vs a science and J2T has developed a great team of artists.  I have had a relationship with Julie and most of her team for over 10 years and I have never been disappointed or unpleasantly surprised.  Full endorsement by me to get the job done accurately, timely and effectively.”

Doug Slaybaugh


The CPA Coach

Previous Partner at EKS&H

“My name is Doug Slaybaugh and I am an executive coach, CPA, and former partner in public accounting with experience at a variety of firms.

I have been blessed with and honored by the opportunity to work with J2T for the more than two years. I have hands on working experience with each member of their executive team and am humbled by their determination, authenticity, and effort to enrich not only the businesses of their clients, but also the lives of the candidates they work with. J2T’s credibility, brand, and reputation is a direct result of these virtues, and a reflection of the tone that is lived by its executives, namely Julie Scates, Charlene Landers, and Stephanie Seybold. They work tirelessly to maintain a level of quality, attention, and service for each of their clients, which is demonstrated consistently throughout the organization. Having worked with them not only in their business, but also on it, I have seen the heart behind J2T’s efforts, including its mission, values, and relationship focus, and believe it can be best summed up in two words: Devoted Partner.”

Stephanie Johnson

Talent Acquisition Manager


“I have known Julie Scates in a personal and professional capacity for the past four years.  I have personally witnessed the pride and investment she and her team have put into J2T, with the sole goal in mind to become a premier recruiting firm in Denver.  With her progressive leadership and the top-notch J2T management team, the company has seen massive growth because of their dedication to deep client relationships and the candidate experience.”

Gary Kohn


GAK Advisors LLC

Previous CFO & VP Investor Relations of Westmoreland Coal Company, VP Investor Relations & Treasurer, Intrepid Potash, and VP Investor Relations, CIBER

“I have had the great pleasure to work with J2T throughout my time as a senior financial leader.  I’ve relied on them to both fill vacancies and to build teams for me when I was CFO.  J2T always brought a collaborative, consultative approach to our long-standing engagement that was unique in the recruiting industry.  J2T's approach benefited my organization as they served more as a consultant in terms of understanding my needs and developing an approach to attracting and securing candidates. Their approach goes well beyond the more common volume driven approach.”

Lori Colleran

VP of Finance

“I have partnered with Julie Scates, Charlene Landers-Rinker, and others on the J2T team for over a decade, and I have found them and their organization to be consistently top-notch.  In my experience working with their firm to recruit permanent and temporary talent solutions, they have been adept at gaining a thorough understanding of my business needs and then quickly sourcing quality candidates for my consideration.  What sets J2T apart from its peers is a real desire to drive to the best outcome both for companies looking to hire and for the candidates.  And if a placement is not working for whatever reason, they are quick to rectify the situation.  Perhaps most importantly, Julie and her J2T team are easy to work with and approach their clients and candidates with a compelling and down-to-earth style.”