November 27, 2023

Leveraging Temporary Staffing for Year-End Cleanup: Why Temps are Your Ticket to Success

Lauren Kemp

As the year draws to a close, the pace of business often slows down, enveloping us in the holiday spirit and a sense of tranquility. Yet, for those entrenched in the year-end close process, this period can be a demanding phase.

Temporary Staff - A Game Changer

Hiring a contractor, specifically for year-end, can be a game-changer, providing a reprieve for your current accounting team. Temps can be hired to specifically help a team cross the finish line on a project, help boost day-to-day productivity, and can support busier times of the year. At year-end, temps can help with a variety of projects. An AR temp can help reduce gaining and collect outstanding payments. A temporary accountant or bookkeeper can help with year-end cleanup or simply take on all GL work freeing up your current team to work on more complex projects, making them an invaluable resource.

Luckily, J2T Flex specializes in matching teams with the right contractor for the job, therefore lightening the load on your existing team.


Combat Burnout: 

During year-end, the term "burnout" hits its annual peak. Forbes describes burnout as an "international crisis" that significantly affects both companies and employees, transcending industry or geographical boundaries. Bolstering your team with extra support in the form of temps and/or contractors in Q4 reduces the strain on current employees working exhausting 80+ hour weeks towards fiscal year closure and reduces burnout, which ultimately can lead to less turnover.

Temps not only help ease the burden during year-end, but they also provide reprieve for current team members when a current permanent position is taking a long time to fill. Post-busy season, staff turnover tends to peak, leaving decision-makers apprehensive about team capacity for the upcoming year. Remarkably, leaving a single role unfilled costs businesses an average of nearly $25,000 per month in output, as indicated by research from Fiverr International Ltd. Engaging temporary accounting or finance professionals not only saves company funds but also amplifies productivity by freeing up existing team members from overwhelming workloads.


As the year winds down and the holiday season kicks in, the year-end hustle arrives for accounting and finance personnel. Temporary staff bring with them a toolkit of skills that ease the heavy lifting, and their adaptability provides the rest of your team with a breather and less intense workload. Don’t forget, these temp heroes can bridge hiring gaps, keeping accounting departments running smoothly while permanent talent is identified for those hard to fill searches, therefore reducing the tax on the company and team while increasing productivity.